Hansbo Sport ICM Technology

Hansbro Sport ICM products features on of two innovative technology:  Ceramic IC and Ceramic/Magnetic ICM.

Recommended by Veterinarians, Professionals and Everyday Users.

Supporting a horse’s well-being helps it to perform at its peak. Regular use of HANSBO SPORT ICM collection enables a faster recovery period after exercise.

Ceramic IC

In products constructed with infused ceramic fabric, minerals in the ceramic pick up infrared waves from the horse’s body heat within a defined area, stimulating blood circulation, the lymphatic system and cell growth. Blood circulation can quickly increase up to 80%, which promotes a reduction in swelling. This in turn leads to improved removal of waste products and faster detoxification after hard work.

With infused ceramic technology, the horse’s own body heat is the sole source of heat. So your horse will never become overheated. Similarly, if you were to sit outdoors dressed in a t-shirt with ceramic fibres, you wouldn’t feel the cold as quickly because the ceramic material would cause your blood circulation to increase, despite the fact that your body temperature has not noticeably changed. We are continually testing our ceramic fabrics to ensure that they contain the right proportion of ceramic fibres.

Hansbo Sport ICM products should be used cautiously at first to allow your horse to get used to the ceramic and magnetic effects of the fabric. Not to be used when pregnant.


Ceramic/Magnetic ICM

Hansbo Sports offers a complete range of products constructed from a unique ceramic-magnetic fabric that not only has a healing effect, but can also help prevent injuries and facilitate rehabilitation. They work by reflecting the body’s own infrared heat to increase blood circulation, which in turn delivers relaxation, wellbeing and faster recovery.

Hansbo’s ICM products remain effective through years of use and washing. That’s because the ceramic-magnetic substances are infused in each fibre of our fabrics, not simply applied as a top coating.


Infused Magnetic Therapy increases oxygenation to the horse’s muscles, causing tense muscles to relax. You can use ICM products before or after training to ensure the horse’s muscles are slack and relaxed. The products’ unique characteristics ensure that the horse feels comfortable both on the road and in the stable after riding. The products should be regarded as an aid to, but not as a substitute for good training.

Hansbo Sport ICM products should be used cautiously at first to allow your horse to get used to the ceramic and magnetic effects of the fabric.

Warning: do not use on the following: Open wounds, during pregnancy (ladies) or on mares in foal. If symptoms persist call your vet.