Fleck - Feldmann Balance Whip w/ Crystals - Nubuck Grip



The FELDMANN® Balance Whip from FLECK was developed with expertise and input from renowned trainer, Walter Feldmann. Made with a light weight fiberglass core. The uniquely designed grip position is clearly indicated by two strategic balance-handles to assist the rider with a variety of correct hand positions. They are handcrafted in German to our unique color & length specifications.

Ergonomically designed for precision. This perfectly balanced whip fits securely in your hand and encourages suppleness. Ideal for riders of any level, from novice to professional.

The Feldmann in-hand balance dressage whip now glistens with unique good looks! 


  • Premium Feldmann in-hand balance whip 
  • Nubuck wrapped grip
  • Inlaid rhinestones 
  • Soft rubber balances
  • Light weight & easy to hold
  • Nylon woven shaft
  • Made in Germany


  • Azure - azure grip, white crystals, black shaft
  • Blue  -  blue grip, white crystals, black shaft
  • Brown - brown grip, white crystals, dark brown shaft 
  • Navy - navy grip, white crystals, black shaft
  • Olive - olive grip, white crystals, black shaft
  • Red  - Red grip, white crystals, black shaft 
  • Azure/Grey - azure & grey grip, white crystals, black shaft
  • Black / Cream - black & cream grip, white crystals, black shaft
  • Brown / Cream - brown & cream grip, white crystals, light brown shaft
  • Olive / Cream - Olive & cream grip, white crystals, black shaft
  • Red / Beige - red & beige grip, white crystals, light brown shaft 
  • Red / Black - red & black grip, white crystals, black shaft

100cm, 110cm, 120cm (incl. lash)