Heiniger Progress Style Horse Clippers


The greatest horse clippers ever!  At least we think so.

The Heiniger Progress Style horse clippers feature a break through design.  Weighing in at only 930 grams, it has an impressive slim ergonomic handle making the Progress a popular choice for people whom wish to clip their horses at a time that suits them. Equipped with the latest electronic technology, the Progress Style horse clipper is now even more powerful and even quieter than ever.


    • Ergonomic design
    • 31/23 blade set 
    • Adjustable blade tension
    • Safety wrist strap (helps to stop clipper drops) 
    • Electronic technology (lighter & quieter)
    • Rear motor duct (does not blow air)
    • CSA Standard 
    • 3 year manufacturer warranty
    • Swiss Made (Clipper & Blades)


    • Progress Style Clipper, 31/23 Blade Set, CaseScrewdriver, Oil, Brush


    • Motor power: 80 Watts
    • Speed: 2200 dbs/min
    • Length: 280 mm
    • Weight: 930 g
    • Noise emission: (LpAm) 70 dB (A)