Premier Equine - Merino Wool Saddle Pad - Half Pad

Premier Equine



Wool Half Pad Key features...

    • Highest quality cotton
    • Lined with grade 1 merino wool
    • High wither design
    • New spine design
    • Anti-wick fibres in the filling draw away sweat and moisture
    • Minimises heat and sweat build up
    • Adjustable Velcro straps to help with practical girthing
    • Machine washable (30°), dry naturally. 
    • Protect your horse further using our durable Over Reach Boots.

Fabric content
100% Cotton top and bottom
100% Polyester Anti-wick fiber filling: 500g
100% Merino wool

A functional wool half pad designed to give extra protection and thickness under saddle.

Merino wool knitted onto cotton yarn gives you all the wool you need with no skin attached. The natural fibres of wool are less likely to cause skin reactions or allergies. Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, keeping your horse dry and comfortable. Real wool is still one of the most technically advanced materials in the world and probably the best you can use under your saddle.

Double Velcro adjustable straps help with girthing and the clear spine design ensures the risk of pressure points is minimised. This half pad is suitable for everyday and competition use - fully machine washable.

Our new spine design has been developed to reduce pressure points and provide the best protection for your horse. With a larger surface area covering the entire under-seat panel region, the natural fibres will effectively wick away moisture from the skin, distribute pressure evenly and aid shock absorption.
Clear-spine designs can cause pressure from seamlines, posing the potential for rubs, sores and uneven pressure distribution. To prevent this, all Premier Equine Merino Wool Saddle Pads no longer feature a clear-spine design to enhance comfort and protect your horse.

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