Heiniger Saphir Corded Small Animal Clippers


Saphir Corded

The Heiniger Saphir corded small animal clippers can be used on small animals or sensitive areas on large animals. The clipper has a powerful 35 watt permanent magnet motor but is well balanced in your hand and only weighs in at 330 grams.   Please note the Saphir clippers are not intended for body clipping horses, see the Progress Style Clippers.


  • Powerful & light weight
  • 35 watt motor
  • #10 (1.5mm) blade set (included)
  • 3 meter cord
  • Detachable blade system
  • Compatible with the A5 blades 
  • Suitable for horses, dogs & cats
  • CSA Standard 
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Swiss Made (Clipper & Blades)


  • Saphir Corded Clipper, #10 1.5mm Blade Set, Power adapter, oil, & brush


  • Motor power: 35 Watts
  • Speed: 3200 dbs/min 
  • Length: 3 meter cord
  • Weight: 330g


Note:  Video shows cordless version.  Operation of corded version is exactly the  same. Except no batteries to charge.  ;)